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We understand the value that offering training and development can have on your team members. Benefits can include:

  1. Discover new talents and interests 
  2. Increase productivity and satisfaction
  3. Attract and retain talented employees
  4. Improve employee engagement and team working
  5. Fight off stagnation and increase innovation

We also understand it can be time consuming and complicated. Software Cornwall would like to introduce the Training Club – a crowdsourced training club for our members.

Ensure your teams get the opportunity to participate in high quality training from inspirational facilitators. Choose the topics you would like to see and we will source them for you.

The more people that join the Training Club the more sessions we can deliver and better value we can make it for you.

There are a number of options to suit your need:

  1. A Bespoke Package  – this would suit larger organisation’s with specific training requirements. They will have enough personnel to be able to request a full programme of different topics.
  2. Company/Individual Passes – Buy yourself a company wide training pass for all year round access to our course or just one for yourself.

What Format?

They will take place weekly or bi-weekly and be run virtually, they will usually be 60-90 mins long and they will consist of: Workshops, training and industry expert speakers.
They have fixed times so you can build them into your schedule and schedules will be published quarterly.

What Subjects?

You decide, we take your advice and crowdsource the requests. Kayley has a wealth of experience and connections with some of the best facilitators in Tech and we endeavour to match demand with supply.

Like the sound of it and fancy a free trial? – Try one of the upcoming sessions now.

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