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Data Challenge Cornwall – Cluster Analysis to Create Personas without Bias

The Challenge The Smartline Project ( https://www.smartline.org.uk ) brings together researchers, organisations, and businesses to understand the different challenges people face linked to health and wellbeing, and people’s aspirations for using technology to help overcome them. One element of the project’s work included a wide-ranging survey of residents, covering themes as rich…

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Data Challenge Cornwall – Satellite Image Classification for Lithium Deposits

Collection of Gems

The Challenge Cornish Lithium is an exciting and rapidly growing science-driven business that is using data and cutting edge technology to identify lithium deposits in Cornwall. Huge amounts of untapped data exist in written or diagrammatical form dating from Cornwall’s long and illustrious mining heritage. The Challenge: automate the extraction…

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Data Challenge Cornwall – Predicting Housing Faults & Resident Support Needs

The Challenge Coastline Housing is an established not-for-profit housing association based in Cornwall. Coastline manages approximately 5,000 homes. A significant amount of business activity is maintenance and repair. Coastline Housing firmly believes that insights from data can, and should, drive business planning and just-in-time actions. Coastline has a detailed inventory…

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