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Software Cornwall represents one of the fastest-growing tech clusters in the UK and becoming a sponsor is a key way to support this growth. We connect, promote, represent and support Cornwall’s digital tech community. We aim to be the best way to plug into this fast-growing community. We have a range of sponsorship opportunities that can be customised to suit your goals.

Since 2015, we have built a community of individuals, businesses, support providers and educators to help tackle the barriers to growth for Cornwall’s tech sector. We provide a space for people to network, collaborate and support each other in their goals. We work with local schools and colleges to showcase career pathways in Cornwall’s tech industry for young people and adults.

Why sponsor Software Cornwall? 

Engage with Cornwall’s tech community

Promote your brand to this niche audience.

Promote Cornwall’s tech industry

Demonstrate your commitment to supporting education and career pathways into tech in Cornwall at a grass-routes level.

Increase your reach

Network with customers, partners and educators in the tech community and forge relationships. Identify new business opportunities and areas for growth.

Support continuous learning

Contribute to the development of the tech community and its access to industry knowledge, experience & skills.

Software Cornwall Sponsorship Packages - Our Community

Recent Successes

…with thanks to our members, partners, sponsors & community.

Community Events
We’ve hosted 50+ events for our community across a range of subjects and formats including mini-conferences, socials and meet-ups.

Introduction to Coding
We’ve delivered free Tech Jam events with thanks to our volunteers to 600+ individuals, providing introductory coding experiences to kids and adults across Cornwall.

Training for Businesses
We’ve delivered specific skills training for 115+ individuals employed in Cornwall-based businesses on topics that range from Agile Leadership to Behaviour Driven Development with this number growing every month.

A Growing Community

We’ve grown our community to 80+ businesses representing at least 1500 individuals in Cornwall’s tech industry.

Workshops for Schools

We’ve provided tech and coding workshops in schools and colleges to 800+ students and showcased Cornwall’s tech industry at 50+ careers fairs.

Career Pathways for Young People
350+ young people aged 14-16 have taken part in our award-winning Mission to Mars work experience programme in Cornwall, learning to code in an Agile environment for 1 week.

Sponsorship Packages Available

Tech Connect Event Sponsorship

Our Tech Connect events are our flagship events throughout each year, welcoming members and non-Tech Connect events are mini-conferences held quarterly welcoming 50 – 100 tech professionals and business leaders to a venue in Cornwall. They are our most popular events and are great for networking, collaboration and learning, not to mention, they’re fun! Event themes are steered by speaker submissions from the community and hot topics from the wider digital / tech industry.

Education Outreach Sponsorship

Careers fairs, assemblies, career carousels and workshops to promote career pathways within the tech community for young people. Each year, we get invited to speak and/or deliver an activity at 100+ careers fairs/carousels, assemblies and workshops to promote career pathways within the tech community to young people. We even help them learn to code. We don’t receive any funding for our education outreach activity but it’s a key part of what we do. Sponsorship can help us continue this work, buy equipment to deliver coding and tech workshops and showcase an exciting industry to young people (and their parents and teachers) in Cornwall. Careers fairs, assemblies, career carousels and workshops to promote career pathways within the tech community for young people.

Mission to Mars Sponsorship

Mission to Mars is our award-winning week-long work experience programme, designed to provide young people aged 14-16 with the chance to experience what it’s like to work within a software team in an Agile environment. Using our specially designed Mars Rovers, our budding software developers programme the Rover to navigate the harsh terrain of Mars, avoid obstacles and succeed in its mission. Participants learn to code whilst practising teamwork, budgeting, presenting and Agile games and workflows. Many of our Mission to Mars alumni have gone on to become junior software developers at Cornish companies or have chosen an academic route into computer science.

CEO / Director Peer Groups

Newly launched for 2022, our invite-only CEO/Director peer groups are designed to bring local tech business leaders together in a relaxed and trusted environment. The peer groups, hosted over lunch or dinner will provide the opportunity to network, share challenges, ideas, opportunities and explore areas for collaboration and support. The event will allow time for talks from sponsors and attendees on a topic relevant to attendees. The delegate list will be shared with all attendees and sponsors ahead of the event to help you make connections.

General Sponsorship

If raising the profile of your brand amongst the tech community in Cornwall is your main priority, our general sponsorship option could be the best opportunity for you. This gives you non-specific sponsorship for 1 year across everything we do for our business community. This excludes education outreach and Mission to Mars.