Exploring Agile Leadership - 2 Day Workshop - Software Cornwall

Course Content

Software Cornwall has partnered with Comelio Consulting to deliver two workshops to support you in your role as an Agile Leader.

Being a leader as part of a transformation to an Agile organisation comes with a unique set of challenges. Not only does the organisation have to transform, but so do you. You will need to understand what you should expect of an Agile organisation, and what that organisation will expect of you. This workshop is funded by the Developing Skills for Business Project (ESIF).

Day 1 (19th Sep): Exploring Agile Leadership

The initial workshop will explore your vision of agility, and how your leadership style influences both the organisation and teams behaviours. This will be a highly interactive session where we jointly discuss the challenges facing leaders in agile organisations.

Day 2 (10th Oct): Leadership in a transforming organisation

Building on the findings of the exploratory workshop we will review the role of leadership in an agile environment, understand the governance of agile delivery, including roles, responsibilities, and KPIs, how to interpret the information available and to understand the impact of business agility across the organisation.

Lunch Coffee and Cake will be provided.