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Course dates, price and availability will be determined based on volume of interest.

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Course Content

This course will run over 2 mornings, a week apart from 10am – 1pm

What you will learn:

Wondering what Agile marketing is? Don’t worry, we’ve got you. 

We’ve planned a jam-packed session that will help you unleash your inner Agile marketer.
It requires a change in mindset but with our top tips, you will be an Agile marketing badass in no time. 

During our Agile marketing badassery workshop we’ll cover:

  • Agile manifestos and how to apply them 
  • What is an Agile approach to marketing?
  • Stuff we wish we knew before starting Agile marketing 
  • We’re going to bust some Agile marketing myths! 
  • Which Agile frameworks will help you level up? 
  • The Agile ceremonies you absolutely need to be doing 
  • How the hell to use user stories 
  • Why you should be switching to OKR goal setting 
  • How to focus on continuous improvement 

Who is this course Suitable for?

If you’re a passionate marketer who wants to level up, this workshop is totally for you. 

We won’t be delving into how to do the marketing activities, we’ll be focusing on how being Agile can make you a better marketer and improve your processes. 

If you don’t have a basic understanding of marketing, you won’t find this course helpful. 

If you have an understanding of Agile but aren’t sure how to apply it for marketing, this session will help demystify it for you. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re in PR. social media, content marketing, SEO, PPC, email marketing or you’re an all-rounder. You will find this session helpful and will leave with tangible things to try. 

Why should you book this course?

Do you want to be an Agile marketing badass? Then you should totally book this course. 

Rachel and Lyssa have been working at the coal face of Agile marketing and PR for a long ass time and they really know their stuff! This is an amazing opportunity for you to hear about their experience and discover their top tips for Agile marketing badassery. 

If you want to use Agile to revolutionize your marketing department, you won’t want to miss this. 

What you will need

A desire to be a total badass and an open mind. 

The session will be remote so you need your computer and a good internet connection. 

We will ask you to have your cameras on for the session, but come comfy. Trackie bottoms are totally welcome! 

Oh, and bring some post-its and a pen. 

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Course dates, price and availability will be determined based on volume of interest.

Register Your Interest

European Social Fund

The European Social Fund is partially funding Software Cornwall to run this training project to provide development training for employees within the software industry. As a Software Cornwall member you will be receiving a discount to this course by email. This course is only available to those from the UK or EU. To participate in the training certain personal information will be required from attendants as proof of employment and eligibility to attend. This information is for the purposes of ensuring that the training will go to the correct participants. You will also be required to complete an evaluation form after the training as part of the attendance.

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