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Course dates, price and availability will be determined based on volume of interest.

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Course Content

Course Content

Do you have software development teams who could use support with software security and privacy? We are offering a lightweight solution at low cost, to:

  • Give your technical leads a ‘security story’, that offers practical, marketable, security to suit the client;
  • Support sensible business decisions around security and privacy issues;
  • Provide assessments of impact, showing how the team benefits; 
  • Introduce teams to powerful online engagement techniques useful for meetings and events.

Who should book?

This short course is suitable for: product managers, software developers, QA professionals, software line managers, event designers, systems designers and senior managers.

Why you should book?

This course trains you how to think about security and privacy; even how to make aspects into Selling Propositions for your group or company. It teaches security and privacy as a business asset to be valued and assessed as any other. By cutting aside the ‘fear, uncertainty and doubt’, and the technical jargon, that so often seems to dominate security discussions, it enables productive discussions and effective decision making throughout an organisation.

You’ll work in small groups to find solutions to a real business problem: we teach by letting you learn, so there’s no ‘death by webinar’. You’ll discover first how security can be a product management decision; then see how the technical experts and business experts can work together to identify and assess the issues; then find out how to take the vital step of identifying the benefits from solving security issues. It’s intense education, and we’ll ensure it stays fun with breaks and careful timing.

Best of all, you can take this training and repeat it yourself within your organisations. We’ll provide materials to run a workshop session yourself, or (for a small fee) can support you in delivering an online session yourself.

Charles Weir is a Researcher at Security Lancaster, a group in Lancaster University, UK. He is passionate about improving the security skills of teams of professional software developers, and has devoted five years to developing tools to help consultants achieve that. Previously he set up the mobile application development company, Penrillian, and ran it successfully for 15 years, employing up to thirty people and with a total turnover well over £20M. Charles also helped introduce object-oriented and agile methods to the UK, and was technical lead for the world’s first smartphone. He is an expert trainer and facilitator, with over 10 years’ experience as a trainer and consultant.

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Course dates, price and availability will be determined based on volume of interest.

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The European Social Fund is partially funding Software Cornwall to run this training project to provide development training for employees within the software industry. As a Software Cornwall member you will be receiving a discount to this course by email. This course is only available to those from the UK or EU. To participate in the training certain personal information will be required from attendants as proof of employment and eligibility to attend. This information is for the purposes of ensuring that the training will go to the correct participants. You will also be required to complete an evaluation form after the training as part of the attendance.

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