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Course dates, price and availability will be determined based on volume of interest.

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Course Content

This course will run over 6 weeks for 2 hours each week.

An introduction with data visualisation using Python. 

Python is one the top 3 most used languages in the world, and is the leading language for working with data. 

Although the course will provide a refresher on Python, the separate introductory course on Python is strongly recommended if students are not familiar with programming.

Key course elements:

  1. Data – lists, arrays and dataframes.
  2. Basic visualisation with Pandas.
  3. Retrieving data from files, databases and the web.
  4. More visualisation with Matplotlib.
  5. Working with data using the python data science libraries.
  6. Interactive data visualisation with plotly.
  7. Advanced data exploration – clustering, tSNE, multiplots.
  8. Optional advanced – d3js for rich interactive web-based visualisations.
  9. Design principles for good data visualisation.

Who is this course Suitable for?

Anyone wanting to move beyond simple spreadsheet charts and explore the rich and powerful tools for working with data and creating compelling visualisations.  

The course requires familiarity with coding, ideally Python or JavaScript. Separate introductory courses are recommended if you have no previous experience with programming.

Why should you book this course?

  1. Ensure your business takes full advantage of insights from its data.
  1. Learn to explore data.
  1. Learn to communicate your messages with compelling visualisations. 
  1. Support career development / change.
  1. Foundation for more advanced skills in data analysis and machine learning.

What you will need

Students will need a modern web browser, access to the internet and a Google account.

Trainer Bio

Tariq Rashid has worked in technology for 25 years, in sectors as diverse as energy, AI start-ups, global enterprises and central government.

He has been teaching children and adults to code for almost 10 years, and has found his approach works very well with tech-shy adults and younger learners.

He is the author of several texts on technology, and runs technology communities including Data Science Cornwall and CoderDojo Cornwall.

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Course dates, price and availability will be determined based on volume of interest.

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