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Software Cornwall was founded on the premise that there was not a pathway within the county to enter the industry. It has also been found that formal educational routes do not necessarily provide the right knowledge by the companies attracted to operating in our county.

Software Cornwall is therefore utilising European Social Fund support to provide ways of providing news ways of providing those skills to upskill staff and provide a new route to work in software in Cornwall.

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Employer Led Skills

The Employer Led Skills programme runs training events part-funded by the European Social Fund until 2023 to companies to provide their employees with extra learning opportunities to improve their job prospects or position. Courses are suggested by the companies themselves to ensure
that they are relevant to the needs of the industry and their staff.


Also part-funded by the European Social Fund until 2023, Clusters is about a group of enterprises providing training to their particular industry. Software Cornwall’s part is to engage companies in assisting in the development of a new training curriculum that meets the needs of individuals wishing to gain employment in the software industry locally. At the end of the learning period, those skills learnt should provide the entry requirements and a work placement within a company.