Open Tech Challenge - Software Cornwall

Call out to Cornish Digital Makers

Software Cornwall, sponsored by Agile on the Beach and Cornwall Council, supported by European Developing Skills for Business funding and the IAmDigital Academy, are inviting Cornish digital makers, of any age, to come and exhibit their ideas, inventions, creations and side projects at our quarterly meetup. Participation is free. Individuals, teams or groups from Schools, Colleges, Universities or other organisations are welcome.

These opening events provide the perfect opportunity for participants to showcase the creativity of the Cornish digital maker movement, enabling them  to meet, chat, swap ideas, learn something new and discuss their build with interested like-minded creatives. Your project may have been an educational project whether for fun, as part of a marked assessment or a treasured side project. We are hoping to encourage entrants from a wide skill set of individuals.

What do we mean by Open Tech Challenge?

Open means three main things:

  • It is Open for everyone to enter – no matter what your skill set, age, background or what you are currently doing you can join. Either as an individual or as a group from your school, college, workplace or family
  • Open also means that what you or your team bring is available to the community as a whole rather than a purely commercial project. It does not mean you have to use Open Source Software but the end result will be Open Source – see our rules.
  • Open as in what you bring to show does not have to be to the challenge theme but we’d like to see how different teams come up with different results.


  • means anything that uses technology in any way to solve a problem. So it could be, for instance, an app or a robot or using the Internet of Things.

Challenge means two things:

  • We want to Challenge everyone to come up with ideas.
  • To allow these ideas to become reality we will be offering support for selected projects in a variety of ways – this could be advice, help with buying equipment, introductions or additional learning or training. At the first event we will be finding out the best way to support these ideas so that we can make the best use of the resources we have available.


  • at the Event we hope to develop some Themes around the kind of problems that need solving – these might include the Environment, Social Inclusion, improving training and education.  Please bring your thoughts on these topics to the event.