Young Rewired State Festival of Code Finalist seeks employment in Cornwall - Software Cornwall

Young Rewired State Festival of Code Finalist seeks employment in Cornwall

Local self taught computer programmer with a passion for developing programs seeks to become an asset to a local company

If you are interested in employing Liam please contact us [email protected]
Young Rewired State Festival of Code is an annual nation wide coding competition for people under the age of 18. The competition involves working with people we have never met before and making a computer project in under a week using an open data source and producing a presentation to a panel of judges. In 2014 I attended this competition at their Falmouth university centre where I worked in a team of 3 and created a website that connected google maps and the police database to tell you what crimes had been committed in your area or on a specific route.

To complete this we used HTML, JavaScript, CSS and JSON as the data format. In 2015 I attended their BBC Studios centre in the Mailbox in Birmingham where I worked in a team of 4 on an app that turned an android phone into a pen that could draw on any device that had a web browser. We used HTML, CSS and JavaScript for the front end a NodeJS server on the backend to receive the data from the phone in real time. We used FireBase to get the data from the phone app, written in Java, to the NodeJS Server.
The festival of code is the largest annual event for young people in the world. Open to anyone under the age of 18, it sees over 1200 young coders come together each year for a week of digital prototyping in centres across the UK and internationally. At the end of the week participants are invited to a showcase weekend where they have the opportunity to present their projects to industry experts, meet like-minded peers and participate in a series of workshops and hacking challenges. The Festival gives budding developers a rare opportunity to develop and apply their skills to real world challenges, using open data and supported by specialist mentors.

A local Young code developer from Cornwall, Liam Cornbill, took part this year and he and his team managed to make it to the finals for the category “best example of code”. In an intense week of coding at the BBC Centre Birmingham, Liam and his team produced an amazing piece of code that even the mentors did not feel was possible to complete in the week. But the team, determined with their project idea, pushed a head under pressure to get the project to a point it could be presented to the judges at the ICC Centre on the Weekend of August 1st and 2nd.

“Our project allows you to use your phone to draw on any screen that
has a web browser. Our vision for the future is to allow people to graffiti
in a virtual world rather than destroying people’s property. You can save
your drawing and it will show up on a Google map for anyone to see”. 

This YouTube link show´s Liam´s team presentation in front of the judges at the ICC Centre Birmingham  this link details the project Liam took part in this link shows a tech crunch news article on the festival and lists Liam´s smart scrawl as open to watch´