Ultimate Wifi: Hotel Perfect links with Cisco Meraki - Software Cornwall

Hotel Perfect is a renowned name in the hospitality industry, but creating innovative hotel software systems isn’t all that they offer…

They have made serious headway in developing the ultimate hotel Wi-Fi solution that is revolutionising guest Wi-Fi in hotels.

hotelperfect-logoWorld-renowned hotel and four red star holder, The Nare, wanted to leap into the next generation when it came to Wi-Fi solutions for their business. The Nare have been longstanding Hotel Perfect customers for over 15 years, and have developed a close working partnership to meet their technology requirements. They contacted Hotel Perfect to establish a link with their newly installed Cisco Meraki guest Wi-Fi network and they came up with the perfect solution….

What’s the significance of such an investment? The hotel now has complete control over who’s accessing their Wi-Fi, together with bandwidth metering and content filtering. The integrated solution means that hotel residents are now offered a secure, branded internet experience from the cloud-based Cisco Meraki system, whilst ensuring the Hotel is compliant with UK legislation set out by the Data Retention (EC Directive) Regulations 2009 which applies to all businesses offering public Wi-Fi.

This means that Hotel Perfect are the only hotel software Property Management System (PMS) in the UK to have developed a fully integrated link with Cisco Meraki – an exciting move considering the potential for technological developments in the future.

Hotel Perfect believes the collaboration is going to be the next generation of hotel internet and they’ve got good reasons as to why. Firstly, the partnership uses a cloud-based system that can be spread across multiple sites, but can be controlled centrally.  Secondly, the equipment is self-managing meaning updates are carried out automatically to ensure optimum performance.

Wi-Fi is becoming an increasingly important part of a hotel’s overall customer service. Hotels are likely to get a bad review if their Internet’s slow and frustrating to use. Sometimes Wi-Fi won’t work in some rooms while others need rebooting frequently to ensure it functions. Wi-Fi has become so important in the world of hospitality that bedrooms are even being rated on the facility now.

Cisco Meraki self manages and clears out interference from other Wi-Fi signals. Moreover, it gives hoteliers extra monitoring privileges and even allows them to observe bedroom usage as well as giving them the option to let guests stream or access apps.

As the Nare Hotel’s Wi-Fi is integrated with the Hotel Perfect PMS, it can create a guest authentication system. This means those staying at the hotel will sign in, be taken to a fully branded landing page with their surname and room number and the system will verify the login with the Hotel Perfect booking. Residents will be given priority over the Wi-Fi quality, while restaurant guests etc. can be offered a lower prioritisation service.

It’s now possible to quality control your Wi-Fi facility and ensure guests have a pleasant experience with the Hotel Perfect Cisco Meraki collaboration.

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