The rise of the ‘digital nomad’ – Setting up a digital camp - Software Cornwall

Cornwall’s growth in popularity as a global tech destination and the positive impact this is having in our local tech community, was highlighted in BBC Radio 4’s recent broadcast of their trip to meet some of the county’s digital nomads. You can still catch it on their podcast here if you missed it.

“A new army of digital nomads is wandering the world. Equipped with a laptop and willing to work anywhere that has Wi-Fi and a low cost of living, they are changing the way millions think about the world of work. But how do firms and governments adapt to a fast moving, ever changing highly skilled and paid workforce that doesn’t even recognise borders? And do digital nomads represent the future of work or a threat to taxation systems and therefore the nation state? From Portugal to New Zealand via Cornwall.” – Blurb from Radio 4 website…

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