The Open Agile Profiler - Headforwards

At Agile on the Beach Headforwards directors Toby Parkins and Craig Girvan presented a talk entitled “The Open Agile Profiling System”

They have been working hard developing a profiler tool to help assess how agile a business, organisation or team is. How exciting is that?

The great news about this tool is that they are going to make it open source, so that anyone can use it for free.
They really believe that being agile is an essential skill that every successful software company should have and they want to help people in realising their full agile potential.

What is even more unconventional about this project is that they are inviting you to get involved.
They are forming a focus group to help develop question sets, so you have the chance to help shape the tool.

According to their website they will be setting up a dedicated slack channel to their Open Agile Profiler project which will make it even easier for you to contribute.
If you would like to be involved please contact them, they are looking forward to hearing from you.


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