TECGirls launch pilot Annual Insights Report 2020

TECGirls: Annual Insights Report 2020

TECGirls has launched the 2020 pilot Annual Insights Report today on International Women’s Day.

The goal for the Annual Insights Report was to “create a baseline of understanding around the current attitudes towards TEC from young girls and their parents” and to “understand what type of TEC related activities were available both in school and at home.”

Key findings include:

  1. Cornwall is performing worse than the national average in regards to gender equality in computing GCSEs and A levels. This shows a real need for organisations like TECgirls and suggests that more could be done with schools and the council to support their efforts to tackle this issue.
  2. Girls are interested in doing more engineering and robotics-based activities. They also show an interest in animation, making games, and other creative digital skills. Engineering is the TEC subject with the worst gender balance from education up to employment, so this is a key area to work on going forward. TECgirls plans to invest more time into activities that meet both the needs from industry and the interest from girls.
  3. There is a lack of awareness around jobs and opportunities for parents and girls around TEC related jobs in Cornwall. More work needs to be done to introduce these roles and show women working in them.

The 2020 Annual Insights Report is a pilot and was created with the help of a Nuffield Research Student Amran Abdiqadir Mohamed, as well as a number of TECgirls volunteers.

Prepared by:
Amran Abdiqadir Mohamed,
Nuffield Student Researcher

Supported By:
Fiona Campbell-Howes,
TECgirls Co-Founder

Caitlin Gould,
TECgirls Co-Founder