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About Software Cornwall – May 15

Software Cornwall was formed informally in 2012 by a group from the software sector in Cornwall collaborating to support the growth of the software industry in the County.  Since then it has become a collaborative group of software development enterprises, education providers and business support organisations based in Cornwall, UK working together to grow the software engineering sector in Cornwall.

This has led to the formation of a Not-For-Profit organisation in April 2015 which it is hoped will be funded through membership and sponsorship.  We hope to access funding streams in the future.  The business supports agile values and approaches in its creation, growth and development.


Cornwall as the most productive
global location for software development


To promote and support software growth and excellence in Cornwall for today and in the future

Software Cornwall Objectives


Skills & Knowledge : Encourage learning and transfer of software skills and knowledge at all levels

Business & Finance : Promote the growth and development of software businesses

Recruitment & Careers Development : Engage with young people to promote software as a career and promote high skilled employment opportunities

Visibility & Culture : To promote and support the visibility of software in Cornwall

Infrastructure & Environment : To support the development of infrastructure and a positive environment

Collaboration & Networking : Work openly, inclusively and collaboratively to benefit the software community

Financial Sustainability : To develop an organisation that is self sustaining