Software Cornwall TDD Workshop Learnings - Software Cornwall

Witten by Peter Conway a Software Developer at Headforwards

A four day workshop focusing on Test Driven Development hosted by Jon Jagger and Kevlin Henney

Last week I was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to attend Software Cornwall’s TDD workshop being run by Jon Jagger and Kevlin Henney. I learned a huge amount about testing and would be happy to do a more exhaustive write-up of the course if people are interested. What I’ll share here are some little gems of knowledge that were shared between the exercises and lectures that the week comprised of, often in response to difficult questions posed by other listeners.

“Different conventions for tests and code is okay”

Whatever language you’re using to solve a particular problem will have its own set of conventions. This could be a particular case that variables are written in, or a preferred way to access the elements in an array. Naturally, when writing our tests, these conventions tend to follow us. Jon and Kevlin wanted to make it clear that this needn’t be the case. Like a letter and a shopping list might have different linguistic and structural conventions, so can tests and code. Your priority should always be clarity and communication.

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