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January will soon be upon us and for some, it’s a great opportunity to reflect, get excited about some new resolutions and use the new year as a fresh start. If this sounds like you and brushing up on your software skills is on your list for 2021, then Software Cornwall can help. 

Part-funded by our Employer Led Skills project, our January training courses offer you specialist training at a competitive price.

Our interactive courses led by our brilliant trainers will be delivered via Zoom and help you work smarter, not harder. 

An Introduction to Docker

12th Jan 2021

Delivered by: Craig Buckler

Ticket Price: Part Funded £150 – (evidence required) / Non funded – £300

A hands-on one-day course split over two half-days.

Course Details

Docker can revolutionise the development and deployment of your software projects.

Despite the benefits, Docker is often shunned by developers. It looks complex. Terminology can be impenetrable. Tutorials never explain how to use Docker during development.

It doesn’t need to be this way. This course demonstrates the core concepts and explains how to integrate Docker into new or existing development projects. You will quickly learn what Docker can do, how it works, and best-practice techniques for your team.

This course is ideal for Developers, DevOps professionals, and IT managers who want to improve their application development and deployment processes. The course specifically refers to web technologies, but the concepts can be applied to any stack.

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Empowering Software Development Experts with Developer Security Essentials


January 25th – 26th 2021

Delivered by: Charles Weir & Facilitated by Allan Kelly

Ticket Price: Part Funded – £120 (evidence required) / Non funded – £240

Course Details

Do you have software development teams who could use support with software security and privacy? We are offering a lightweight solution at low cost, to:

  • Give your technical leads a ‘security story’, that offers practical, marketable, security to suit the client;
  • Support sensible business decisions around security and privacy issues;
  • Provide assessments of impact, showing how the team benefits; 
  • Introduce teams to powerful online engagement techniques useful for meetings and events.

This short course is suitable for: product managers, software developers, QA professionals, software line managers, event designers, systems designers and senior managers.

This course trains you on how to think about security and privacy; even how to make aspects into Selling Propositions for your group or company. It teaches security and privacy as a business asset to be valued and assessed as any other. By cutting aside the ‘fear, uncertainty and doubt’, and the technical jargon that so often seems to dominate security discussions, it enables productive discussions and effective decision making throughout an organisation.

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