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A group of Austrian entrepreneurs have set up a company in Cornwall and are now launching their first gaming app ‘Mech Land: Robot Escape’

Tempted to Cornwall by the thriving tech hub developing around Falmouth, the ease of setting up a business in the UK, the quality of the local workforce and the Cornish lifestyle four Austrian entrepreneurs, all with their own successful businesses in Austria, have come together to form Yoonic UK to develop apps for both the android and Apple markets.

The business opened an office in January 2015 at the Innovation Centre at University of Exeter Cornwall Campus in Penryn, near Falmouth. They quickly recruited a skilled game developer and then later a digital artist to supplement their skills and are already launching their first gaming app.

The game ‘Mech Land: Robot Escape’ is a free to play game which can be downloaded on both Android and Apple mobile devices. The idea of the game is to run, jump and punch your way through a post-apocalyptic world as you escape from Futuretech’s treacherous disassembly factory. You play as a robot and use the Worlds platformer elements to traverse the levels and watch out for deadly explosives. As the terrain changes so can you as you can change into a vehicle to bridge vast distances, speed through underground tunnels and find secret paths.

Jurgen Aloy, CEO of the new business says ‘it’s great to be launching such an exciting new game to the market within a year of setting up our new business here in Cornwall. There is no way we could have done this so quickly or effectively in Austria or any other European country, the network and skills available in Cornwall have really made the difference.’   Jurgen also adds ‘the environment and in particular the stunning coastline and beaches are such an inspiration for the team and I. We hope to develop the business and inspire the team in such a way by working between the mountains of Austria and the sea of Cornwall.’

European online game reviewer Couch Noobs describes the game as ‘simple to use yet with real variety, we totally recommend either if you are on the go or relaxing on your couch’

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