Smart Specialisation Sector Analysis : Creative Tech Cornwall 2018 - Software Cornwall

This report provides analysis of research conducted into the Creativetech sector in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly (C&IoS). The findings are presented to allow Invest in Cornwall to develop and showcase Cornwall’s offer to businesses both nationally and internationally, as well as highlighting key economic statistics to help ‘sell’ Cornwall as a business destination to potential inward investors.

Data was collected from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) and Nomis (official labour market statistics) and was supplemented by 51 interviews carried out with
businesses operating within the Creativetech sector across Cornwall.

Summary Findings

Sector Growth
The Creativetech sector in Cornwall has seen growth of 76% since 2010, with the sector currently estimated to have a turnover of around £172 million.

Sector Business Count
Within the Creativetech sector in Cornwall there are around 935 active business in 2017, with 93% domestic owned. The number of businesses has risen by 57% since 2010.
Sector GVA
The GVA of the Creativetech sector in Cornwall is estimated at around £94.5 million in 2017

Employees in the Sector
In 2017 the Creativetech sector in Cornwall employed an estimated 3,283 people.  Employment numbers have risen by 108% since 2010.

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IiC Sector Analysis – Creative Tech Report Final Issued 2018