PaddleLIVE® gets a facelift and integrates with what3words - Software Cornwall

Kicking off 2021 we are stoked to give PaddleLIVE® a facelift. Which really excitingly coincides with the addition of what3words to the nominated contact weblink to make it easier to communicate last known position in an emergency situation.

what3words is a georeference system designed to make it simpler to communicate location. The globe has been split up into a 3×3 m grid and each square has a unique 3 word address. Alongside standard co-ordinate systems, PaddleLIVE® now has multiple methods of communicating location – having information is vital when trying to co-ordinate a rapid response in an emergency situation. Being able to effectively communicate that is even more so. This is why many emergency services around the world are using what3words to help locate casualties. For us at Paddle Logger these also seemed to be in regions where the majority of our user base is.

As a paddler it is somewhat rare perhaps that you will ever see this webpage. PaddleLIVE® is a fully automated system which shares data with nominated contacts.

This what gets sent to your nominated contact when you share your trip with them at the beginning or if you enter a red alert stage. We have updated it for 2021, making it far easier to read and grab a clear summary of the information needed quickly.

Above the map they will find data about trip time and how long you have been out on the water vs how long you expected to be. They will also find up to date battery data of your device. Finally they will quickly be able to see your last known position given in both gps coordinate and w3w forms.

The map gives a complete visual display of your trip from when you started. Allowing a rapid assessment of your current situation means they can quickly assess the best course of action. Should you be heading out in an unexpected direction for example, they can then follow the relevant procedure.

Beneath the map they will find the detailed log of session data regularly updated.

PaddleLIVE® is part of the Paddle Logger Pro Subscription. Pro unlocks the full suite of features that Paddle Logger offers including improved trip data, sharing and of course PaddleLIVE as well as a whole bunch more!