New start-up teams with Yamaha and Trebah to bring top classical performer to Cornwall

Composure Music

An early start-up from Falmouth University’s venture studio, Launchpad, has teamed with Yamaha and Trebah to bring classical artist Elliott Jacques to Cornwall for an exclusive event next month.

Composure Music is working to engage the growing global online classical music audience by connecting artists, brands, and Cornish venues.

Max White, Composure Co-founder, explained:

“Our aim is to provide a new style of musical events that showcase the beauty of music alongside the natural beauty of Cornwall. We’re delighted to kick off our first at Trebah Gardens on Friday 2 July. Yamaha are supplying the piano and Elliott Jacques, an artist whose musical explorations are thematic and inspired by elements of nature, will be performing.

If people have listened to the Peaceful Piano Playlist on Spotify – which is actually the 13th most popular playlist globally and streamed millions of times a week! – then they would have heard of Elliott who is one of the top performers on the list. Each track tells a story and takes you on a journey, and with the setting of Trebah this is going to be an experience not be missed.”

Elliott will be playing pieces from the Peaceful Piano playlist alongside new material and a track that will be inspired by his experience of Trebah Gardens. The event takes place on Friday 2 July from 6.45pm, tickets are £22.50, visit the Trebah website to buy yours:

Max White, Adam Drewery, Amit Dodhia and Omar Nesbitt-Ahmed make up Composure. They joined Launchpad in September 2020. To find out more about the team and future events visit