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Location: Online via Zoom
Times: 14:00 to 15:00
Full Price: £75 +vat

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Software systems codify models of how a business works, how users interact and what an application does, but often the only model available to developers is the code. The code is where the system exists, but it is often not abstracted enough to allow easy reasoning about the domain, the requirements and the expectations of both users and developers. In the past, modelling initiatives often got mired in notations and diagrams for their own sake, distracting teams from software development rather than supporting them developing software. Throwing the baby out with the bath water has deprived developers of a valuable thinking and visualisation ability.

In this session, we will dig into what modelling can and can’t offer, so that participants will…

  • Understand how models can support both reasoning and communication among developers and with other stakeholders
  • Appreciate the value of being able to visualise both domain models and software architecture
  • See how models can be used to support application-level and code-level testing

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