Meteorite Media Wins Tranzfuser competition with new adventure game

Max Oates Meteorite Media

Meteorite Media, a Cornish games company is one of three teams to win the UK Games Fund’s Tranzfuser competition, winning up to £20K.

Tranzfuser is a national competition hosted and run by the UKGF where graduates in the UK are given the chance to win up to £20k to begin their journey of bringing their dreams of starting a games studio to life.

Meteorite Media is a video games company based in Cornwall, where the prototype of their game Kaya’s Vale successfully won the competition. Kaya’s Vale is a third-person adventure game set in a prehistoric world, where you play as Kaya who has set out on a journey with her dinosaur companion Apollo to find their lost tribe. The game began as a passion project in the team’s third year of University and now a year later from their humble beginning, they can take the idea further and expand on the concept.

The game focuses on companionship above all else and aims to build a bond between the player and Apollo.

A talk about Meteorites Media’s journey through Tranzfuser was held as Software Cornwall’s latest Tech Connect event on the 4th November.

If you want to play the current demo of Kaya Vale, then follow this link to Meteorite Media’s page –

If you wish to see the development of Kayas Vale you can follow Meteorite Media via Twitter and Instagram.