Newquay-based translation agency welcomes new EU staff to growing team - Software Cornwall

AJT are proud to welcome four new colleagues to their in-house remote team. This sees AJT’s combined in-house and in-house remote team rise to 19, almost double the size from this time last year. 

Melanie Morawetz, who recently completed an internship at our Newquay office is re-joining the team as a Junior German Translator, working from her hometown of Vienna. Nicole Gansterer, another recent translation graduate from Vienna, has joined as Junior German Editor. Elise Farhat joins as a French Editor from her home in Wales and Alline de Paula is joining from Dublin, as an additional Project Manager. 

“We recently created new in-house remote roles to enable us to grow our in-house team beyond the restraints of our physical office, while becoming more flexible as we look towards a post-Brexit future,” explains Anja Jones, Managing Director. 

She continues, “Over the last year, our company has grown significantly in terms of revenue, and we have been planning to increase the size of our team to respond to growing demand. But with our Newquay office being at capacity and the uncertainty of how Brexit will impact on the freedom of movement for EU nationals, we wanted to find a way to grow the team without the risk of increasing our overheads and moving to bigger premises.”

AJT’s in-house remote roles are the perfect solution as they are mutually beneficial for both the business and its new team members. Remote members are just as much part of the team as the in-house members, while enjoying the flexibility and freedom of working from home (or wherever their travels take them) and remaining non-exclusive freelancers.

Anja concludes, “We are now in the fortunate position of having a physical office and a virtual office. Thanks to a host of cloud-based technologies, everyone in our team can work and communicate efficiently, wherever they are based. Our hope for the future is that we can maintain our physical office and continue to grow our virtual office to keep up with the growing demand for our services.”