New precision technology set to improve poultry welfare - Software Cornwall

Glass Data EggBase

A new precision farming solution for poultry farmers has been developed through a partnership between agri-tech business Glas Data and poultry software specialist Eggbase.

The smart poultry sensors will allow egg producers, pullet rearers and broiler growers to monitor poultry housing conditions with greater accuracy. The sensors will gather key data about bird welfare and behaviour including temperature, humidity, sound and ammonia levels. Water, electricity and feed usage can also be monitored.

“We are delighted to have teamed up with Glas Data to offer Smart Poultry Sensors. Now is the perfect time for the poultry industry to embrace and exploit the power of our cloud-based data and sensor solutions to the benefit of bird welfare,” says Eggbase MD Anne Fleck.

Data from the sensors can be viewed on the go on Glas Data’s cloud based GlasCore dashboard.

“The system can also send out real-time alerts by email or text message, allowing bird welfare and behaviour to be monitored more closely and ensuring immediate action is taken if issues are identified,” adds Colin Phillipson, co-founder of Glas Data.

The smart poultry sensors use long range, low power technology and communicate using the Internet of Things. The sensors are low maintenance and batteries can last for several years.

Smart poultry sensors can be rented, with flexible subscriptions allowing farmers to adapt their subscription based on their business needs or to get access to the latest technology. Three packages are available, which all come with access to the GlasCore dashboard and real-time alerts.

For more information about the smart poultry sensors email [email protected].