Business to Business Enquiries - Software Cornwall

This year has seen a number of enquiries coming in to Software Cornwall from other businesses and industries seeking assistance. We try to help these businesses find the solution they are looking for. But with your business profile being populated with relevant information there is a greater chance that these enquiries could be directed to you in the first place.

Keep that Profile Up to Date

Being a Software Cornwall member gives your company a listing space in the membership directory. It is to this place that many enquiries come to our site. With a profile spot that is up to date with links to your own website, social media addresses, with a catchy profile image and company logo visitors will notice your business more. Completing the profile describing what you do and specialise in draws viewers in further to click the link to your own business website and to connect with you directly.

Completing your business profile is linked from the log in page, shown below. As are the other useful direct links to making the most of the membership website.

Shout Out Your News

Alongside the profile area companies can also spread their good news. Have you had a successful trade show stand, hired new personnel or won a prestigious award? Then tell everyone about it. Once you have logged in to the website there is a Post News button. Just follow the instructions and post your news out to the community. It will then get shared and seen by even more over a wider network.

Share an Event

If you are holding a meeting that others can join or perhaps a training event open to outside teams. Then promote it through an events listing. And shout about it in the News as well.

Got a Job

This has to be the best benefit to you as a member. Post a job on a site that is read by really just those interested in the industry. Reach out to skilled workers looking to find that perfect place to come and work. And don’t forget to look through the CV bank to see if that perfect somebody has already made the connection with Software Cornwall.

Get the Whole Company Involved

As a company your whole team can join the Software Cornwall mailing list. Spread the news that you’re a Software Cornwall member around your organisation and get them to sign up for the newsletter to keep them up to date with the news, events and training that is organised. Everyone with the same company URL address can automatically join the Software Cornwall Slack as well. The #general channel in Slack also carries messages from us from external companies and organisations who are requesting assistance in a product development.

The Community Network

Software Cornwall was instigated by a community of like minded companies that wanted to see the industry grow in recognition within Cornwall. And to ensure that it was seen not only around the county to other businesses and also to the wider south west and nationally. Making the most of this platform will ensure that the rest of the county and country get to hear abut you and what we are all about in Cornwall. We have many great things happening in Cornwall and a wonderful community spirit. Extending that out to other industries and areas will make our industry stand out and be ready to help when needed.