The Agile Summer Huddle - Software Cornwall

home_huddle-460x421The Agile Summer Huddle
Have you recently completed a degree in computer science?
Perhaps practiced for hours at home to become fairly proficient at programming?

Build your confidence, find some employment and/or increase your free-lance opportunities through this 2 week, fun but intensive, course to get you started.

What You’ll Learn.

Understanding the User

Fundamental to agile development is understanding your user needs and iterating your ‘product’ fast and frequently to their feedback.  We will help you master the tools and processes to this way of working.

Master TDD

We explore the aspects of Test Driven Development (TDD) methodology and how it fits within the agile philosophy.

The Business of Coding

Understanding the commercial objectives of a project your working on is fundamental to being a great programmer.  Also, if you are to work as a freelancer you need to understand the mechanics of running your own business.

Project Management

Understand how the principles of agile will help you deliver a project more quickly and closer to the customer’s needs than traditional project management techniques.

Coding in Teams

Collaboration is fundamental to today’s coding environment.  Learn the tools and skills to best work in a team.


Please contact Nikki Stevens on [email protected] for more information