The Agile Huddle is back and we are taking it to the next level! - Software Cornwall

Bluefruit Agile Huddle and The Rock Pool Project team up to create a unique software development training opportunity!

Are you a keen coder looking to gain more experience? Want a chance to put a real software project on your CV to progress your software development career? Bluefruit’s legendary agile huddle is taking a slightly new form this July, teaming up with local social enterprise start up The Rock Pool Project to create a proof of concept project. Participants will still get the same great software development experience and training, while also getting the unique opportunity to work closely with a real client on a brand-new product.

The Project:

The Rock Pool Project is a social enterprise focusing on marine education and conservation. The Bluefruit Agile Huddle will be working directly with their team to help deliver a proof of concept project that will enhance the fun of rock pooling and help to monitor local marine life.

The Training:

Running from the 16th – 27th of July, the Bluefruit Agile Huddle is completely FREE for anyone age 16 or over who has a real passion for programming, and a desire to kickstart or elevate their career in Software Development.

You must be over 16 to apply and need to be able to write a basic program in your preferred programming language. There will be a basic coding exercise as a part of the application process and we will only be considering applicants with some previous coding experience.

What you will gain from the 2-week course:
• A chance to work on a real proof of concept project with The Rockpool Project.
• An understanding of different software development tools, practices, and technologies
• An introduction to Agile development and project management (eg. Test Driven Development, Pair Programming)
• A realistic experience of working in teams in a commercial environment
• Project Management skills and experience working with a real client
• An opportunity to meet and network with local employers in the industry
• An awesome experience to put on your CV and refer to in your future career!

At the end of the two weeks there will be a demonstration of the proof of concept projects for local businesses, the Marine-i funding team, the teams from Bluefruit and The Rock Pool Project. This year the demonstration will take place at the beach followed by the annual Bluefruit company beach BBQ.

The Details:

The Bluefruit Agile Huddle will take place at Exeter University Penryn Campus in Cornwall from the 16th – 27th of July. Attendees will be expected to attend in person every day and will be required to get transportation to and from the course. Most of the program will be spent at the Penryn location, with occasional trips to the local coastline for testing. Any trips to the coast will include transportation.

The feedback from previous years:

“I really enjoyed working as a team on a project, because you learn a lot by doing and helping each other. I would highly recommend this programme!” – Chris

“It was great to learn the processes of software development, including Agile methodologies such as Pair Programming, TDD and Scrum. I will definitely be adding this experience to my CV!” – Eloi

“I’d had basically no experience of software development processes before, so being exposed to professional practices meant I’ve advanced my skills greatly, and I’m excited to apply my new knowledge practically!” – Ben

How to apply:
Complete the application on the Bluefruit Software Website:

Any questions please e-mail [email protected]