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CodeClubCornwall> new Easter_School{};

> mission_to(‘Mars’);

> start = 30-March-2015;

> end = 2-April-2015;

> Want to be a Coding Super Hero?

Are you aged 15 to 18 and interested in a career in software development? Join us for a 4 day experience at Redruth, working in a software development team on an exciting project.

Whatever your level of experience our team of mentors are there to support and help you, giving you a taste of what a career in Software Development is like.dbs_code_logo_blk

If you are already a Star Coder, that’s great. We will use your skills and help prepare you for your first software development job.

If you have never written any software before, don’t worry, that’s great too. We’ll show you how it’s done and get you started on your journey to becoming a Coding Super Hero

> Sign Up! Deadline 13th March 2015