Mission to Mars Truro College Recap - Software Cornwall

Mission to Mars Truro College where rover attempts to park in the square.

Truro College hosted a Software Cornwall Mission to Mars work experience for their A Level Computer Science students last week. The 20 students spent the whole week learning coding the Arduino development boards on the rovers, agile practices with some Test Driven Development and also Behaviour Driven Development too. 

The teams of students also had the opportunity to listen to various mentors who came along from companies. They spoke about their work, careers and what they hope to achieve in the future. This exposure to real industry provides students with insights into where their careers might lead. On the back of one of those meetings two of the A Level students now have Summer placements. 

Mission to Mars Truro College participants showing light sensor functionality with the rovers

Toby Parkins’ Thoughts

Highlight this week was seeing the Software Cornwall Mission 2 Mars robot coding achievements by the Truro and Penwith A-level Computer Science students. Such great talent. I can guarantee all could become great software engineers. Brilliantly led by Robert Wiltshire

Twitter – Toby Parkins, Director Headforwards

The week finished with the teams presenting to everyone there their thoughts and experiences through the week and demonstrating their ability with the rover code. The students were a credit to the college. This was the first time during a Mission to Mars that every team finished all the tasks set to them. They will be presented with certificates of completing the week and also awarded Credly Digital Badges to share through their CV in the future.

Mission to Mars Truro College participants showing obstacle avoidance with the rovers

Olly Enright’s Thoughts

M2M was, as it always is a blast to help out with. The students really showed their capabilities and uniqueness as both teams but also individually. They weren’t afraid to make that week their own as by the second day they had already made significant progress beyond what we had imagined! It’s nice to see them take the whole experience with such enthusiasm and reminds me of the first time I undertook it.

– Olly Enright, M2M Volunteer

Thanks to everyone involved in making this Mission to Mars Truro College a success. Let’s hope they have us back again soon! Keep up the great work team!