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Brighter Cornwall is for students from Cornwall who are currently studying for their first degree. The scheme offers paid work experience placements in Cornwall and opportunities to attend networking events with employers.  It also offers scholarships for first year students.

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Why not invest in your future by offering an undergraduate the opportunity to gain some invaluable work experience in your business and in return, get something done that you might not be able to get round to.

Small businesses are often outcompeted when trying to recruit talented people into their firms. It’s not just a challenge in Cornwall, but around the UK. Brighter Cornwall gives you the opportunity to tap into and nurture some undergraduate talent, helping them realise the broad variety of businesses and opportunities which exist here. At the same time you’ll tap into their skills, experience what it’s like to employ a graduate, and explore how a graduate could help you develop your business.

About half of Cornish students stay in Cornwall – but we know that the majority of Cornish students who go away to study would really like to come back to this beautiful county and build their career; they either think they can’t or are attracted to start a career elsewhere. Brighter Cornwall is helping our talent to understand the career opportunities which we know exist in Cornwall. With our help, undergraduates can experience some of those business environments and build connections which encourages them to choose Cornwall for their careers, and most importantly, feed your businesses with valuable skills and talent.

Undergraduate projects enable students to achieve objectives you have set for them, and offer them valuable experience for their CV. We can help you to scope out projects which would be suitable for you and an undergraduate. Get in touch today to talk to us about scoping an undergraduate work experience project.

Is your business eligibile for subsidy?

The business pays for the graduate but some businesses might be eligible to receive £1 per hour off the hourly rate for employing an undergraduate for up to 400 hours, during holidays.

Eligible businesses will fall into one of the following business sectors. These sectors have been identified by Local Enterprise Partnership to be of economic importance to Cornwall:

Get in touch today to see how you might be able to benefit from a subsidy for taking part in the programme.

The Process

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