Kickstart in Cornwall & IoS | Funded job placements for young people

Kickstart Scheme Cornwall

Kickstart in Cornwall & Isles of Scilly: how employers can offer fully-funded 6-month job placements to our local young people.

The current Covid-19 pandemic has particularly hit young people hard, not least in education but also in finding a job, apprenticeship or valuable work experience. This may mean our local young people will experience longstanding consequences for their future careers and wages.

But did you know employers can apply to create 6-month fully funded job placements for young people in Cornwall, on Universal Credit and at risk of longer-term unemployment? Under the Government’s new Kickstart Scheme, £2bn of funding is nationally being made available to create thousands of job placements for unemployed young people.

Hundreds of Cornish employers are already stepping forward to offer new, quality job placements. Approved placements are now starting to reach local Job Centres in Cornwall, with young people being matched to potential placements and employers interviewing and selecting their preferred candidates.

However, we are still looking to increase the number and range of job placements being provided by local employers and sectors, including the digital and tech sector. Wages are paid by the Government for up to 25 hours per week at the age-relevant National Minimum wage, and pension contributions will be the statutory automatic enrolment minimum contributions. If employers wish to pay more or offer more than 25 hours, they can top up the payments.

With each placement lasting six months and fully funded by the government, it is hoped the placements will help young people to build their confidence and experience in the workplace, while earning a regular wage.

Young people on Kickstart will also get additional employment support and training to help them progress during their placement, with an additional £1,500 available to employers at the start of each placement to cover any training as well as other ‘onboarding’ costs.

Kickstart offers employers a great opportunity to bring new young talent into their business and can help other employees to build their own mentoring skills. When the placement comes to an end, the employer can decide if they wish to

  • end the placement
  • fill the placement with another young person
  • continue employing the young person
  • convert to an Apprenticeship and benefit from the existing Apprenticeship employer incentives and 95% subsidised/100% fully funded Apprenticeship training.

The scheme is open to applications from employers until end December 2021, so there is plenty of time to get involved.

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