Goonhilly to boost UK's presence in international satellite communication market with agreed US acquisition - Software Cornwall

Goonhilly's Teleports

We’re excited to announce that we’ve agreed to purchase the two COMSAT teleports on the East coast and West coast of the States, taking us one step closer to providing fully global 24/7 communications coverage.

The agreed acquisition of the teleports at Southbury, Connecticut, and Santa Paula, California, will provide our customers on both sides of the Atlantic with access to the expertise, experience, and exceptional client care for which Goonhilly and COMSAT are known.

Our US expansion will also increase the reach of our private deep space communications network by increasing the amount of time that our customers’ spacecrafts are visible to our ground stations as the Earth rotates.

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COMSAT Southbury, Connecticut, USA
COMSAT Southbury, Connecticut, USA
COMSAT Santa Paula, California, USA
COMSAT Santa Paula, California, USA

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