Five Cornish tech companies doing cool things with space data right now

Five Cornish tech companies doing cool things with space data right now.

Last month, during our Tech Connect event, we heard from five Cornish tech companies who have created viable products that are ready to market to the space and aerospace sectors thanks to R&D funding from AeroSpace Cornwall.

We got under the hood of the technology these businesses have created, which covered space exploration, satellite data, seismic data, disruptive tech, edge computing and AI. Check them out:


Exobotics’ long term vision is to make space exploration accessible for all by lowering the barriers to entry in terms of cost, skill and time required to develop applications in low-Earth orbit and beyond.

Made up of young scientists, engineers and thinkers from Cambridge and Cornwall, Exobotics is developing the next generation of small-satellite sub-systems with next-level performance focused on practicality and reliability. Their hybrid solution can be integrated with all current lunar landers and has a higher payload mass/volume fraction at a lower mass than any alternative solution in the market. Discover how support from Aerospace Cornwall has helped bring this innovative project to life.

Data Duopoly

Data Duopoly is a tech startup focused on managing visitor flow in and around tourist attractions using their innovative app which utilises satellite data. Their system can help direct people to less busy areas of an attraction, assist in the observing of social distancing as well as distribute emergency information.


Sechoia Ltd is a UK based, self-funded, tech start-up, aiming to develop disruptive technology. They have recently developed a proof-of-concept software that combines depth imaging, edge computing and machine learning to create real-time data analytics. Join this session to find out more about this exciting proof of concept and how it is set to help with spatial planning.


BILDr provides data processing systems for marine surveys, using information collected from submersibles alongside a suite of data management and hosting solutions. This includes seismic data used to identify safe sites for the deployment of wind farms. This talk sees Tony highlighting how support from Aerospace Cornwall has helped bring this AI solution to life.

Bluefruit Software

Bluefruit Software has been innovating in edge AI, producing a machine learning solution that achieves high levels of accuracy with small amounts of sample data – one of the main barriers to applied AI. In this short session, Nigel will be discussing their Audio Classification Equipment (ACE) project.

Grant funding for Research & Development

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AeroSpace Cornwall can help your business maximise opportunities in the space and aerospace sector through research, development and innovation.

They offer funding and support packages tailored to your business needs, with fully funded grants, match-funded grants and business support available.

One grant, in particular, enables Cornish businesses to benefit from the unique capability at Goonhilly’s Space AI Institute, with a particular focus on developments in:

  • Tourism
  • Agriculture
  • Mining
  • Marine
  • Digital Twin Solutions

For more information on this or any of AeroSpace Cornwall’s business support, grants and funding, contact James Fairbairn, AeroSpace and Space Business Development Manager; Connect with James on LinkedIn.