Tech Connect Speakers Revealed - Software Cornwall

On the 28th January, Cornwall’s Tech Community are invited to join this month’s Tech Connect from 1 pm. You’ll get to hear about an exciting startup from the Launchpad stable as well as get an opportunity to network with your peers from the counties digital industry.

This months talk is by Amy Hardman and Natalia Tegos from Purpose 3D.

Amy Hardman

Amy is the operations director of Purpose 3D and takes care of the day to day running of the business, along with being the head of the capture process. She graduated from Falmouth university in 2019 with a BA in English and went straight into a job social media marketing and writing for start-up companies. Applying for the Launchpad programme in September 2019 she has been a founding member of Purpose 3D since!

Amy Hardman Launchpad

Natalia Tegos

As Arts Director, Natalia is responsible for the creation of the 3D models that Purpose 3D produce. Natalia has a BA in Sculpture from Camberwell and went on to graduate from her MA in Character Animation in 2018 from Central Saint Martins in London, who has experience working as a 3dartist and animator for short films and indie game. Natalia has been a welcomed part of the team at Purpose 3D since August 2020 and is continuing to push the boundaries of what we can do with models even further.

Natalia Tegos Purpose 3d

Purpose 3D

Purpose 3D is a tech start-up from the Launchpad Programme at Falmouth University, that specialise in the visualisation of Vintage and Historical clothing. Using Photogrammetry, the models created are authentic, good quality and fit for your purpose. With the models being formatted fit for commercial use in games development, education, fashion design and to help museum display their garments in a new and innovative way, the possibilities are endless.

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