Software Cornwall Christmas Quiz with Total Fandom - Software Cornwall

Join Total Fandom and Software Cornwall for this years Christmas Party Quiz. If you can meme it, then we love it.

Grab your Christmas hat, charge your glass and brush up on your pop culture references. It’s nearly time for this years’ Software Cornwall Christmas party hosted by Total Fandom.

Total Fandom celebrates the best of pop culture. If you can meme it, then they love it. From Aladdin to Zordon – Total Fandom has you covered. In this festive themed quiz, you’ll get the opportunity to take part with the live quiz which is being broadcast on Twitch using the Quiz Kit platform built by Codices.

How to join:

  • Find your quiz heroes and get ready to arise as a team. Maybe they’re work collegues, part of a local community group or your family.
  • Get a ticket for each team member.
  • Arrange a video call between you all during the quiz to discuss questions and answers.
  • Tune in to Twitch at the start of the quiz.

Full details will be sent out prior to the quiz, but you can start building your quiz team today.

Book your tickets today