Real-world Techniques for Accessible Design — a guest talk by Joe Welinske - Software Cornwall

Joe Welinske is an accessibility specialist at Blink UX in the US and is visiting Cornwall on holiday. He’s keen to meet new folks on his travels and has offered to give a talk on a recent accessible design project.

Where: Vertigo, 15 St Mary’s Street, Truro

When: 19th September 2017, 6:30 pm


Full details of the talk from Joe:

Blink UX conducted an accessibility review for a new VeriCite web-based product. VeriCite is widely used by educational organizations for assessment of the originality of academic works. The Blink team was engaged to conduct a review of the accessibility of a software product that was already well into development.

The overall objective was to ensure a robust experience for all users of the software. The review of the system used industry best practices for accessible design with attention to the WCAG 2.0 AA standards. The study identified a wide variety of potential issues which were presented to VeriCite as specific actionable recommendations.

As an accessibility specialist at Blink UX, Joe Welinske conducted the review for VeriCite. He’ll be detailing the techniques used, issues encountered, and the path to solutions.

You’ll learn:
– How the WAVE tool was used for a broad, initial evaluation
– The benefits and challenges of using keyboard-only access for testing
– The benefits and challenges of the NVDA screen reader for testing
– About specific findings and recommendations
– How the information was communicated to VeriCite

This case study will provide useful information to all involved in accessible design. It is helpful to have some knowledge about the W3C standards for accessibility.

Joe Welinske has been involved in the design and development of software for over thirty years. Most of his work is as an independent practitioner. Joe is the program manager for Blink’s annual user experience conference ConveyUX as well as contributing in the areas of accessibility and content strategy.

He is a senior lecturer at the U. of Washington for a variety of courses, including accessible design. Joe is a co-organizer of the Seattle Area Accessibility and Inclusive Design meetup group.

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