Jump Start Your Software Development Career at the Agile Summer Huddle - Software Cornwall

Looking to turn your programming skills from a hobby into a career? Or are you looking for a chance to refresh your skills and get back in to the coding world?

Agile Summer Huddle

If you’re interested in gaining hands-on experience in a working environment, our Agile Summer Huddle could be a great opportunity for you.

Hosted by Software Cornwall, dBS Code, Cornwall College and Bluefruit Software, the Summer Huddle aims to bridge the gap to employment for talented programmers looking for an exciting career in software development.

You’ll be working on a ‘real-world’ simulation of a software project, working alongside industry experts and learning the commercial aspects of coding, as well as the project management side, using Agile processes and methodologies.

Last year, more than half of the attendees were hired by local software companies within two weeks of finishing the programme, proving that this is an excellent way to start your career progression and improve your employability in this area.

I have been learning from home using TDD, which helped a lot on the course and I was able to share my experiences with others. It was also great learning how to use Agile methodologies and why they are so useful, as I know a lot of employers look for that sort of experience.
I had a fantastic time and it was a good opportunity to experience a realistic 8 hour coding day for 2 weeks. Because I’ve only ever done it as a hobby, I really wanted to find out if I’d enjoy doing it all day, every day, as a full time job. I can say so far, I’ve been loving it!”
– Lucy Coding hobbyist; now works as a full-time Software Engineer at Bluefruit Software)

Read more about how people found the experience last year on Bluefruit Software’s blog, or find out the details of the project they were working on at: http://www.pawfal.org/dave/blog/2014/08/dbscode-summer-school/.

From school-leavers, to graduates, to the more seasoned programmers, there’s so much you can gain from our 2 week programme. Sign up now to book your FREE place here.


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