Halfstack 2022 - Software Cornwall

Halfstack Javascript Conference, Newquay

It’s mere weeks till Halfstack reaches Cornish shores on 1st July. We’re stoked to be a part of it.
Set in the heart of Newquay in C-Space, a multi-use co-working space in the heart of the town, we are welcoming some of the Hottest JavaScript talent to the stage.

Speaking at the conference are a variety of world-class speakers, with some familiar faces to the Software Cornwall family in the line-up, as well as amazing talents who we cannot wait to meet!

We’ll be hearing from the following:

Tony Edwards MIDI Birds: Adventures in Browser Wonderland
Tom HazledineBurn Your computers. Buy Modular Synths
Jo FranchettiWearable Live Captions
Josh GoldbergWebXR Karaoke
Alex LakatosPay the Web Forward
Dale LaneLearning About AI From Kids
Earth to AbigailLive Coding Music with Sonic Pi
Theodore VorillasThe Cats are Fighting Back

This information is correct at the timing of writing the article from the Halfstack Conference Website

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As an event partner, Software Cornwall has a limited number of funded tickets available through our Employer Led Skills programme.

If you would like to book please complete this form and the Project Coordinator will be in touch to complete a short form (EU requirement) and book your ticket.

The time to book the tickets is now. Book here! Don’t miss out on an amazing conference!