Fibre Park update and Workshop - Software Cornwall


The Fibre Park Digital Academy will offer 10-100Gbps connectivity as standard, and create space for over 1200 people to work. The project has been driven by ideas contributed by members of the business community and potential users of the future space.

The project is entering a viability and feasibility stage of development. At this stage we are looking at around 120,000 sqft of office space, 15,000 sqft for a Digital Academy and around 15,000sqft of business innovation and catering space.

This workshop will provide an update on current progress, and then 2 sessions focusing on the following:

How do we provide Connectivity as a Service? 

Whilst we are used to buying individual fibre broadband lines, and these serve very well for smaller companies and normal use, 10-100Gbps connectivity can only be achieved through a collaborative approach. The proposed Connectivity as a Service model where connectivity is provided as part of a building management fee, similar to water, electricity, heating, waste management, and other general services. This workshop will explore how people feel this should be set up. A fully managed service with a full support to the desktop? Or perhaps a core support to the room model? Please do attend if you have any technical views on how to deliver a new model of connectivity, or if you know what kind of service your business needs.

How do we create a naturally evolving business innovation space?

Business Innovation occurs naturally, but can be enhanced by mixing people together. Following a visit to Sweden we’ve seen how their model is based around food and coffee. Simply encouraging people to mix in the right environment is all we need. So what does this environment look like and what kind of facilities does it offer?


The workshop will happen on Friday 1st July at Pool Innovation Centre from 9.30 to 12pm. This is an opportunity to help shape the future workspace and all views and thoughts are welcome.

When Friday, July 1, 2016 from 9:30 AM to 12:00 PM (BST) – Add to Calendar Where Pool Innovation Centre – Trevenson Road, Pool, TR15 3PL – View Map