Event / Workshop : Call for Ethical Hacking Security Training - Software Cornwall

Ethical Hacking Training – Security for Web – helping developers to understand security and potential threats and risks

we have received a call for a possible expert visit to deliver a workshop training session on raising awareness of how someone would hack a website and how, and what can be done to prevent this and ensure security –

we have received interest from a number of members who would be interested in exploring this crowdsourcing of an expert workshop

PPP Sebastian Bergmann and Stefan suggested as potnential experts we could approach to visit and deliver will be followed up if a number show interest as we have contact with Sebastain who has delivered training in cornwall before and spoken at agile on the beach


suggestion of extended Testing / Security / Architecture Training for PHP combined option

please email belinda@softwarecornwall.org

please do RSVP if you would be interested in this event – it would be crowdsourced as per previous events and the costs shared between attendees – estimated cost for workshop £250-500 per person depending on expert and if 1 or 2 days – please comment with suggestions and preferences 🙂

Likely January or February Date
venue open
numbers needed 10 -14 to cover minimum viable event

Software Cornwall Event