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Award Winning Careers Information

The Software Cornwall Education Outreach programme has been in operation for now for four years. We need additional funds to continue with the amazing work that has been going on around the county.

In 2018 it won awards for:

Best Careers Provider in the West and South-West from the Careers Enterprise Company

The Most Inspirational Educational IT/Digital/Multimedia Project at the Cornwall Live Edge Awards.

The Education Outreach programme provides:

  • Career assemblies to year groups in schools and colleges around Cornwall
  • Workshops in classrooms
  • Attendance at careers fairs in schools, colleges and job centres
  • Work Experience weeks 3 times a year with the Mission to Mars
  • Saturday Tech Jams open to all every month in either Camborne, Bodmin or Penzance

With cutbacks in current funding streams we can no longer support all this provision. But with additional support all of this will be possible to maintain. It is only through continued repeated visits to schools that students become more engaged in thinking about their future careers.

Year 10 Work Experience week at Heartlands.

A Year 10 work experience week on a Mission to Mars held at Heartlands July 2018.

Cornwall is an area of lower wages and restricted career options. Students may not have access at home or at school to the technology that we can provide. By giving them the opportunity to experience software creation they may not only enjoy it but hopefully want to develop it further themselves.

Youngsters who previously may not have considered software development as a career option in Cornwall may leave the county to find work. By showing them that technology really is a career option locally we hope to keep their talent here. And they will be rewarded well too.

As well as visiting establishments we also need to maintain the provision of the week long Mission to Mars Work Experience and the Saturday Tech Jams for students where they come to us and have a go for free. Especially important to those who do not have access anywhere else. It’s a great way for them to meet others interested in the same things and for parents to ask about the equipment themselves and the opportunities for their children.

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