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cornwallcollegeC++ Training: Develop Your Programming Language Skills!

Book onto our new C++ Training Programme and gain an (optional) accreditation, as well as valuable experience working with industry experts!

When is it?
19th, 20th, 21st May and 9, 10th June 2015, 9.30am-4.30pm.

Where is it?
Cornwall College Camborne, Opie Building, Room E105.

How much does it cost?
The 5 day programme costs £500, but if you undertake the short assignment you could be eligible for funding to cover these costs. Tea, coffee and lunch will be provided.


Who is teaching the programme?

Steve Jones is one of our UK experts in programming and with his many years’ experience as a trainer, and his skill/knowledge of the subject, he is able to steer the learning to suit your needs.
Several Software Developers from Bluefruit Software will also be on hand to help and shed light on what it’s like to have a successful career in programming.


What will I learn?

There will be a whole host of activities throughout the programme, enabling mistakes to be made, corrected and good practice learned. There is also a large ‘themed’ project undertaken, allowing you to see how things really fit together in a professional working environment.

This project will involve common features such as object-orientation, dynamic collections and some serious memory management, but the theme may vary depending on your requirements.


Below are some examples of what we will cover on this programme:

  • Compiling and linking works and issues such as machine code and other elements happening ‘under the bonnet’
  • Implementation and use of fundamental data type, variations, standard library and namespaces;
  • The important elements of control flow;
  • How history of C++ affects the way programs are written today, incorporating prototypes, header files as well as the many uses of the static keyword
  • Traditional array mechanics and their shortcomings;
  • What pointers are, their syntax and benefits, creating dynamic objects and arrays and the inter-changeability of arrays and pointers;
  • Object orientation such as encapsulation, inheritance and polymorphism along with a strong emphasis on what is happening under the wraps. Constructors and destructors are experienced including implicit/explicit constructors.
  • Many other skills such as, using standard library, various collections, iterators, algorithms, sorting, finding, smart pointers and threads


For those of you with more experience, and depending on where you want to go with your learning, you may also cover:


  • Structs and unions, bitwise operators, conditional compilation, various casts, C compatibility and coverage of header file techniques;
  • Other subjects which are platform dependent such as: dynamic linking, inter-process communication and precompiled headers.


Book your place now!

You can book by getting in touch on 0800 731 7594, or emailing us at: enquiries@ccb.cornwall.ac.uk.

Find out more information at: Cornwall College Website – IT Programming Courses