Agile Development - CDMG Meetup - Software Cornwall

  • Monday, September 29, 2014

    6:30 PM

  • The Agile movement in Cornwall has grown in the past few years as businesses and developers discover the benefits of bringing agility into their working environments. The advantages are not just limited to software but offer significant steps forward for projects, teams as well as helping organisations improve their operations. This meeting will bring interesting insights into Agile from both small and large business perspectives.

    We have 3 speakers who will talk for 10-15 minutes each with questions afterwards.

    Kate Hughes – Director of Programme Management at Skype – will be sharing some of her experiences of using Agile within Skype and Microsoft. Kate has worked for Microsoft during the past 20 years in a number of divisions and has seen how Agile can really work in a number of different ways.

    Belinda Waldock – Oxford Innovation Coach – will be explaining how a number of Cornish businesses have benefited through using Agile with some examples from both with IT and outside the sector.

    Toby Parkins – founder of UKNetWeb, Headforwards and Agile on the Beach – will talk about some “real” IT project failures and how Agile can help people make the difference to avoid everything going wrong.

    The evening will be in the Boardroom at the Blue Bar and there will be some pizza coming out at some point during the evening.