3D Printing: See the World's First 3D Printed Metal Bike! - Software Cornwall

This month, 3D Kernow have been demonstrating the awesome power of their 3D printers at ‘The Poly’ in Falmouth.


Come along to The Royal Polytechnic Society in Falmouth this week until Friday 3rd July to watch the incredible demonstrations and lectures on the latest in 3D printing technology .


Even if you don’t know anything about this technology, you’ll be amazed by the radical design of the world’s first 3D printed metal mountain bike! Watch as simple plastic toys are produced from the entry level printers to fully understand the amazing technology that Renishaw, the UK’s only manufacturer of a metal-based additive manufacturing machine that prints metal parts, used to create the bike. There will also be the opportunity for you t try your hand with a mini 3D printer, the 3Doodler (kids welcome!)

But if bikes aren’t your thing, be sure to come along on Tuesday 30th June (10am – 5pm) to watch Choc Edge demonstrate 3D printing with chocolate!


Find out more about the event at 3DKernow.org.