CreaTech Innovation for Imagination Unleashed Event in Truro - Software Cornwall

Lask week, we had the privilege of exhibiting at the first-ever Imagination Unleashed event at the Hall For Cornwall in Truro. The event showcased the latest developments in CreaTech, a term used to describe the intersection of creativity and technology. Aiming to inspire students and industry professionals.

Our Mission To Mars activity was a useful interactive element of our exhibit and proved to be particularly effective in explaining what CreaTech is all about.

We were delighted the event made it onto BBC Spotlight and it was truly heartwarming to see how inspired the students were by the event. In fact, one student loved the day so much that he asked for special permission to not return back to school and spent the whole day at the event, right until the end. 

We’re super pleased to see the event even appeared in The Telegraph Business section which has broadened its awareness further. 

It was a lovely experience for us to be a part of Imagination Unleashed, and we will continue pushing the boundaries of CreaTech and inspiring the next generation in the tech industry.