Cornwall’s answer to Wordle! - Software Cornwall

A Cornwall-based entrepreneur has unleashed a new word game inspired by the ever-popular Wordle.

Sam Burney, who works for Falmouth University’s venture studio, Launchpad, has created Twordsy – a daily game where players must find a pair of connected words.

Sam said: “Inevitably after a year surrounded by entrepreneurs at Launchpad, I got the urge to launch my own little side project, and Twordsy was born!

“Unlike Wordle instead of trying to find a five-letter word each day, in Twordsy you’re hunting a pair of words that are connected in some way. It’s been a fun project so far; we’ve received some great feedback and made some tweaks along the way but we’re now ready to launch it wider and hope people enjoy playing.”

Sam has been sharing the early protype with friends and family, receiving positive comments so far: “It’s always reassuring to get positive feedback from your connections but I’m keen to see what the wider public think especially those that are word game fans so please give Twordsy a go and let me know what you think, you can send comments via the website or Facebook page.” 

To try Twordsy for yourself head to

For more information contact Kerri Popperwell, Launchpad Marketing, on [email protected]