Cornish Software Cluster set to Continue Collaborative Network - Software Cornwall

As the current round of ERDF funding winds up, software development companies based in Cornwall are set to continue their collaboration by formalising and developing the business group Software Cornwall.  Now registered as a not-for-profit organisation the network aims to support the development of the digital sector in Cornwall more widely.

A report by Adroit Economics for Invest in Cornwall and Superfast Cornwall reported the digital sector in Cornwall has 1,035 businesses and employs 5,100 people.  The sector has seen rapid growth with employment increasing by 26%, and turnover by 24% between 2009 and 2014.  Within Software Cornwall, a high growth software development cluster within the digital sector, hundreds of high skilled jobs and millions in revenue from new business development have been recorded.

Over the past four years members have worked together within the sector and through business support programmes on projects such as the globally recognised Agile on the Beach conference, the dBs Code careers development project and other ERDF supported projects such as Grow Cornwall, Unlocking Potential and Invest in Cornwall.

Software Cornwall will be dedicated to developing Cornwall as an internationally recognised centre of excellence for software development.

Initial plans are to support six key themes to sustain and accelerate the growth of the digital sector in the county.

  • Business Support & Finance
  • Sector Collaboration & Networking
  • Skills Development & Knowledge Transfer
  • Recruitment & Careers Development
  • Infrastructure & Environment
  • Visibility & Culture

Co-founding director of Software Cornwall, Michael Barritt of Sullivan Cuff Software commented “it’s brilliant to be part of a dedicated cluster of businesses working together.  The support of the network has been fantastically valuable to our business and we look forward to helping to ensure that it is sustained and broadened to include others.”

Belinda Waldock, Programme Manager at Software Cornwall said “Looking forward, I am personally delighted we are in a position to continue, it’s a great example of how funded support can become self-sustaining.  I am looking forward to stepping up and broadening our support of the continued growth of the digital sector in Cornwall.”