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Cornish health Technology Company nurtures tech talent in the South West

Camborne-based SCSLhealth, a dynamic IT company leading innovation for Cornwall with its healthcare products, is supporting tech talent across the South West. SCSLhealth has recently created a Discovery Team – whose specific purpose is to work more closely with local patients, clinicians and tech talent to co-design innovative, new patient-led health solutions. The company’s anticoagulation software is now being used in over 2,700 NHS locations across the UK and helps clinicians manage patients with atrial fibrillation (AF) – a very common Long Term heart condition.

SCSLhealth has a collaborative relationship with Falmouth University and earlier this year worked with them to create an innovative diabetes prototype to improve outcomes for diabetes patients. The Discovery Team created an Innovation Challenge with the university, where second year Graphic Design and Digital Media students were given the challenging brief to design an app for Type 2 diabetes patients to encourage their motivation to ‘self-manage’ their condition. There were many exciting concepts put forward, but the four most innovative and dynamic concepts were presented to the SCSL Health Discovery Team in May.

The company also supports Software Cornwall, whose aim is to connect, promote and support the growing tech community in Cornwall. Software Cornwall is an open and collaborative group of Software Development enterprises, education providers and business support organisations based in Cornwall.

Dr Mark Sullivan, Medical Director and Founder of the business says:

“We feel that technology has a huge role to play within the region and in the future of the NHS, particularly in improving patient choice to self-manage. We are really impressed with the tech talent in the region and we are committed to working with local healthcare professionals and providers to find pioneering solutions to improve patient outcomes and choice. The vision and passion behind SCSLhealth is to use technology to improve outcomes and choice for patients living with Long Term Conditions. Cornwall has a massive profile in the healthcare IT industry and innovations are often featured in national industry press. We are very proud of our part in helping to bring Cornwall into that picture”

The next chapter of SCSLhealth signifies good things for the Cornish economy, as the company’s staff has grown almost 100% over the last 18 months to 43 employees based in Camborne. In October, the company’s software was recognised when SCSLhealth won (with Leicester City CCG) a prestigious national healthcare IT award (EHI Award).

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