Adding OKRs to agile: passing fashion or lasting benefit? - Allan Kelly - Software Cornwall

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Location: Online
Times: 14:00 to 15:00
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Increasingly companies are adding the *Objectives and Key Results* management system used by Intel and Google to agile teams. Even the controversial SAFe method now includes OKRs. 

On first inspection OKRs can look a lot like a reversal of agile: an attempt to restore command-and-control and crack the “work harder whip” again. But OKRs can be a very good fit for agile teams.

Rather than reimposing command-and-control OKRs can enhance team autonomy and help distribute authority. OKRs can help address the middle planning horizon problem, tame run-away backlogs and highlight outcomes over outputs. In fact, OKRs might be considered “test first management”.

In this talk Allan Kelly will outline what OKRs are and describe how to use them to enhance agile principles and practices.

Key points:
– How to use OKRs to enhance team autonomy
– How to integrate the OKR cycle with Sprints
– How to manage the backlog when using OKRs
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